NOoSPHERE@night proudly brings you

performance and photography by

Molly Haslund and Tonje Bøe Birkeland

Friday, April 4, 6-8pm

Performance on Friday. The photos will remain on view April 5-6, 12-6pm

For the first time, these two International Studio and Curatorial Program artists will show together in NYC, and you do not want to miss out on this experience!

Molly Haslund will perform her piece Rhythm One Choreography. In her work, Molly often constructs a real but humorous and absurd universe. She depicts joys and conflicts in the paradoxes that exist in commonplace objects and situations, in cultural rituals, music and pop culture. Through constructed challenges and personal statements, she aims to create new poetic understandings and visual tableaux of joyful melancholy.

Tonje Bøe Birkeland will premiere photos from her series The Characters #III: Luelle Magdalon Lumière. Luelle Magdalon Lumière, stereo photographer, reaches the peak of her career around 1913. Luelle is a restless, yet strong woman that never settles. In her earlier years, she wanders among the mountains of western Norway. Later, she boards a ship and travels west to the enormous urbanity of New York, the frontiers of Brooklyn and the boardwalks of Coney Island. One day, she leaves to go back north, first to Orkney - traveling forth, driven by mystery, illusion and magic, from one island, one independent reality, to the next.

About the artists:
Molly Haslund
(Denmark) is currently a resident at ISCP, International Studio & Curatorial Program, in Brooklyn. She trained at the Royal Art Academy of Fine Art in Denmark and obtained her MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2005. She works in the intersection between sculpture, installation and performance referencing visual arts, performing arts, literature and music.

Haslund has worked on several projects simultaneously that embrace personal rituals, sculptures, socially engaging workshops and interaction design. Between 2006-2010 she developed and toured three performances with the artist duo Lone Twin (UK) and four other international artists. Haslund now develops her performance work alone, but often in challenging constellations involving friends, local artists, musicians and volunteers.

Tonje Bøe Birkeland (Norway) is an almuni of ISCP. She received an MFA from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2012. That same year, she was also awarded the Hasselblad Foundation’s Victor Fellowship for the work Tuva Tengel (1901-1985) Letters from Mongolia that was exhibited as part of the New Nordic Photography show at the Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg.

Birkeland constructs characters through photography, text, and objects. Her female figures balance on the border between fiction and reality. The landscapes work as a stage and reflect on the making of photographs: character, creator, camera and their shared act of travelling. The photographs show gaps and parallels in the friction between past and present, one society and another, a live human being and a character from the past.


 NOoSPHERE@night is a series of time-based art events that will take place at NOoSPHERE Arts over the next few months. For a short period, we are shifting our focus from monthly fine arts exhibits to nighttime encounters with music, dance and performance art.



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